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Smoker Minecraft:

This block helps players to cook their food. It is not a pivotal block in Minecraft’s survival world. It cooks food a lot easier than with a plain furnace. The smoker is really cheap and easy to make in the game. Every player should have this in their world. You can use it for speedrunning or you want to use another kitchen appliance in their base. A smoker works a lot quicker than a regular furnace. Here I will tell you about smoker Minecraft.

Smoker Minecraft

The things you need:

These things you need

  • eight cobblestone
  • 7 logs

Crafting of smoker:

Here I will tell you to step by step

Crafting table:

The thing and block we will need to make a smoker is a crafting table. To make a crafting table we will convert three recently acquired logs into wooden planks. Also, keep 4 logs whole for crafting smoker block. Now you want to make the wooden, for this place the logs that were collected into the survival mood inventory crafting table. When the logs convert into wooden planks. then you can make a crafting table.


Now we will make a pickaxe from a crafting table. It is important to collect the piece of cobblestone. First, make sticks for the handles. Use a survival inventory crafting table or crafting table to create the sticks. For making sticks put two wooden blocks above each other on the left or right side of the square.

Now make a pickaxe. You can do this by interacting with the crafting table. Put the row of planks along the top of the crafting GUI. Then two sticks under the middle planks. It will make a pickaxe to create the cobblestones.

Furnace crafting guide:

Collect eight pieces of cobblestone to open the crafting table menu. Now you want to make a furnace put eight cobblestones around the outside perimeter of crafting GUI. Leave a place blank space in the middle square. when you make a furnace then you can make a smoker.


In the center of space put two furnace blocks you just made. Then surround it with four wooden logs in a diamond shape. This will supply you with a smoker block. Remain all four corners empty.

Use of smoker:

When you will open the GUI then fill the top left space with smoker raw food items. When you will add it to your fuel you can allow to cook it. In the available space put a food item or your form of fuel. This fuel will help to smoke and cook your food.

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