Prega News How To Use

Prega News How To Use:

Prega News is a popular pregnancy test kit. It is manufactured in India. Also, it is a brand of a top pharmaceutical company which is mankind pharmaceutical. Like I-Can and many more, it is one step HCG pregnancy kit. This kit helps you to measure the presence of HCG hormone in your urine that is found in certain conditions when a woman gets pregnant. You can find it at RS.50 per test kit in retail. Many women do not know how to use this kit here I will tell you Prega News How To Use.

Prega News How To Use

How to use:

It is not difficult to use the prega news test strip while detecting pregnancy. Prega News has a packet that contains a testing strip, a dropper to insert urine on the strip, and also silica granules. It is easy to perform a pregnancy test with the help of Prega news if you follow these steps.

  • When you will open the packet then place these test strips in a dry and safe place.
  • Put it near where you want to perform the test.
  • Collect the urine in a dry and clean container in the morning.
  • Use a dropper to put three drops of collected urine on the strip on a specific mark.
  • Ensure not to happen spillover and if spillover happens then silica granules wipe them off.
  • Prega news pregnancy test will give you results in 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Now if you see one pink line on the strips it means it is negative, not pregnant and if you see two pink lines on the strip then it means it is positive and pregnant.

Kit content:

Kit contains the following things.

  • It contains a test strip or a card.
  • A dropper for urine dispensing.
  • Also, silica granules keep the strip moister-free.

How its works:

When women get pregnant then a specific hormone starts sending signals to prepare the body for the baby. This hormone prepares the body for the resding of the baby for the next nine months. The first hormone that the body produces is HCG. Which is human chronic gonadotoprine. Pregnancy strip kits are designed to detect his hormone. So Prega news pregnancy kit has three sections. The first section is where you apply our pee and in the second section whole chemistry takes place and the last and third section is where two red lines appear after the completion of a chemical reaction.

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