How To Write An Article

How To Write An Article:

There are different types of articles which include new stories, features, profiles, instructional articles, and some others. All articles are unique to their type and have specific qualities but all articles share some common characteristics. When you write an article you form and research your ideas to write and edit your work. Articles give you the opportunity to share compelling and important information with readers. Here I will tell you how to write an article.

How To Write An Article


Here I will tell you to step by step.


Choose a topic that your interest focus on it enough more than two weeks. First, narrow your topic if it is broad. If you write on how to decorate your home then instead of writing on decorating write how to decorate your home in country style on a low budget. It is easy to tackle and more specific. Write a rough draft e that you can include everything you think of about a topic. Enjoy the process of your information to stay loose and avoid getting analytical. Then bare bones of an article that you could write and put aside for a while.

Addressing your audience:

Before writing an article imagine yourself as a reader of that article. Pick some words to describe the audience you want to address.  Think about the questions you are going to answer to the audience. If you have questions then you will also find it answers.


Here You will find answers In research. These are the things you will do.

  • Quotes of well know people.
  • Statics.
  • Some anecdotes.
  • Also definitions.
  • Some examples and quotes from popular books.
  • Some references for local events if it is regional.
  • Reference to the television, radio, films.
  • Some resources and products.

Make a folder and collect everything in it. Always keep track of your sources if your editor asks you to verify.

Tight your draft:

Make your draft more informative and less lengthy a tighter draft incorporates the new information you already have collected. Make a fresh draft of what you learned in two or three steps and compel it. Revise your proceeding and retain a nice conversational tone by addressing your audience directly. Ask yourself about the draft and if it is working or not.

Making specific:

Double-check the information you put in our draft. Make it more specific to hook up your audience and do not walk away exactly how to make that Thanksgiving dinner on a low budget. Do not make your narrative which goes on and off in different directions make its key points under the subheadings.

Read, revise and repeat:

After making a complete draft of your article then read it and revise it and after publishing it repeat this process again.

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