How To Write A Comment

How To Write A Comment:

Here we will discuss that how can you write a better comment. The comments you want to write on blogs, articles, or reports. There are lots of problems and solutions you may encounter from time to time. I will summarize all the social media commenting experiences in this article. You are a learner or a spammer if you are a reader with little knowledge. If you want to be a customer or a critic you should have enough understanding of the subject. You face many real-life situations where you want to state your opinion. Because it is a popular way to test your English language. Here I will tell you how to write a comment.

How To Write A Comment

Make your comment crazy:

You are an internet marketer or a regular reader it does not matter. You want to discuss a topic you will discuss it. Be a professional on every topic whether you like it or not. You will build your confidence by commenting more and more.

Email address:

There are spam monitoring tools like Akismet they are not human. Their work is to check the relevancy of email addresses before they pass through spam comments. If your email is not human friendly they will not pass your comment. They will treat it as a spammer. So do not use hot mail or phrases which are not spellable.

Reall name and face:

Use your real name and face to be how you are. It will be good if webmasters or other commenters use your real name. Also, showcase your photo on the profile.


If you want to get a backlink then use your hyperlink on your name. But avoid using useless hyperlinks in your comments. Use important hyperlinks with anchor text.


Always stick with your topic. Because if there will be any irrelevant comment it will send into the trash or spam. Make a comment according to the topic. It could be less or more relevant to the topic.

Interesting comments:

Make your comments interesting by the selection of your words. Because good words make better sentences. Always make it small and interesting. Because one-liner comments are great to read. There should be a sense in your comments. Always make a point and make it short.

Good words:

Always use good words. Because good words make better sentences. Make your sentence polite. Always make it errorless. Also do not repeat your words again and again.

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