How To Write A Check

How To Write A Check-In Simple Way: Writing a check is not difficult but if you fill check the very first time then you will face some problems. Butt You don’t worry about it. Here I will provide all step-by-step guides to fill out the check. There are some important steps to follow for filing a check.

Note: Here I will Describe only How To Write A check Simply!

6 Simple Steps To Fill The Check:

  • Date The Check
  • Check Reciever Name
  • Write Total Amount In Numbers
  • Now Write the Total Amount In words
  • Write A Memo
  • Sign The Check

                                             How To Write A Check

Step 1: Date The Check

The very first step is to write the date at the top right corner of the check. You will see a box-type field to write the date. It’s very necessary to write the date because the bank and a person know when you wrote this check.


Step 2: Check Reciever Name

The second step is to write the name of the person or company you want to pay. this name field is on the upper left side of the check. If you don’t know the name of the person or company name you can type simply Cash. But This is very risky if you have stolen the check and somebody get this check. then the person who gets this check made out to cash.

How To Write A Check

Step 3: Write Total Amount In Nubmers

The Third Step is to write the total amount in numbers. You will see a small box where to enter your amount like ($5000). Be sure to write the amount very carefully and clearly. if your amount doe’s not clear. then your check will not able to cash. so make sure to write your amount clear in the amount box.

Step 4: Write Total Amoun In Words

The fourth step is to write the amount in words. Make sure your amount should be matched on both amount fields of the check. For example, if you enter $5000. then enter this amount in words like Five Thousand. if your amount value is in cents like 120.45 then enters the cents valve by 100. like (45/100).

Step 5: Write A Memo

Filling out a memo is optional but if you fill this box this is very good practice. This memo is very helpful to understand why you wrote this check. For example, if you can pay the rent of your house you can enter “Monthly Rent”.

Step 6: Sign The Check

The last step is to sign the check. you can see a line on the bottom of your check. Make sure your sign is the same as those signs when you opened your account in the bank. your signs show that you are agreeing to pay the right amount to the payee.

How To Write A Check last step

How To Write A Check Easily

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