How To Wrap A Bottle

How To Wrap A Bottle:

Bottles are not easy to wrap. Gift bags, box or cell phone covers are easy and take mo time. But the things which have a shape like bottles are quite difficult to wrap. So, you can wrap a bottle in less than 15 minutes. Wrapping paper and decorative bow are important for this process. A protective case is important if your wrap bottle will travel. Here I will tell you how to wrap a bottle.

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How To Wrap A Bottle

Quick and easy method:

Here I will tell you to step by step

  • If you want to use a gift bag then first put the bottle in a gift bag. Use tissue paper or newspaper to firmly pack it. The padding will protect the bottle from falling.
  • Cut the wrapping paper and wrap it around its base and beyond the neck. Wrap it like candy and center it with paper. Roll around the paper tightly and twist the end. Then fasten it with ribbon in a simple knot. If you want to give it a stronger resemblance. Then fan out the ends of wrapping paper.
  • Take a shoebox like a narrow box. Fit the bottle perfectly. Then pad it with tissues and newspapers. Then wrap the whole thing with wrapping paper.
  • Take several layers of tissue and wrap them around the bottle. Put one layer on the other and wrap it around the bottle. Set the bottle in middle and put all layers of tissue in the opposite corner. Then tie together at the neck of the bottle. You can also add a ribbon to it.
  • First cut a piece of cellphone according to the size of the bottle and then put the bottle inside it. Draw its corner above the bottle and tie it with a ribbon at the neck of the bottle.

Wrapping paper:

  • Cut a wrapping paper according to the size of the bottle.
  • Put the bottle falt inside the wrapping sheet and even it’s one end with a tap. Then tap the bottle with paper by using two-sided tape. Faten the bottle with a tap.
  • Then slowly roll the paper around the bottle and cut the excess paper. Then wrap the bottle with paper and overlap it on a two-sided tap and join it. Also, put a two-sided tape on the top of the wrapping bottle and put a ribbon there.

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