How To Vote #UK

How To Vote #UK:

If you want to enable as a voter in the UK then there are different ways to vote here. There are four major options for voting. You can vote in person at the polling station or you can also cast your vote by post. Also, you can choose someone on your behalf to cast the vote. If you are overseas then you also can cast your vote. Here I will tell you how to vote #uk.

How To Vote #UK

Ways to vote:

There are three different ways to vote in the UK.

  • You can vote as a person in the polling station.
  • You can cast your vote by post.
  • Also, you can ask someone on your behalf to cast a vote which is called a proxy.

On the day of the election, you will receive a card which is called a polling card. You will receive this card in your households if you are registered for voting. This card will tell in that where and at which time you will cast your vote.

At a polling station:

You will go to your polling station on polling day. Your polling station could be any public building like a school or village hall. But now it can pop up in any place like pubs and lifeboat stations. The timing of the polling station is 7 am until 10 pm. You will allow voting as long as you are in queue to vote by 10 pm. When you will enter the polling station then you will tell your name and address so that people can check that you are on the electoral register. If you have a poll card it is not important for your vote. After checking your name they will give you your ballot paper for voting. you will mark for the person for whom you want to vote.

By post:

If you do not want to go to a polling station due to any reason then you will cast your vote by postal vote. It is always more convenient to vote by post than on polling stations. At a specific period of time, you can choose to vote by post and you also can change it. 11 working days before the day of voting you will apply for a postal vote with your electoral registration office number. The electoral office will send you a voting pack before the day of the election. After following all the instructions you will put back everything to Freepost then pre-address the envelope and then post it to the council there it will be counted.

Proxy vote:

You will need a reason to vote by proxy for a signal election. There are certain reasons that you can apply to vote by proxy.

  • Due to blindness or any disability, you can not go to the polling station.
  • ¬†You can apply if you are an overseas voter.
  • If you are away because you are studying somewhere else.
  • If you are in the armed forces.

If you are applying for medical reasons then a doctor should sign your medical form.

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