How To Vote #India

How To Vote #India:

All citizens of India regardless of their race and previous conditions of subjugation have the right to vote in India. This is the under citizen act of India which grants them protection under the 15th amendment. Here I will tell you how to vote #India.

How To Vote #India


These are the conditions as per the election commission of India citizens are eligible to become voters.

  • Every citizen of India who is 18 years old on the qualifying date and not disqualified is eligible to cast vote.
  • You can enroll your vote at an ordinary place of residence.
  • Enrollment will be only at one place.
  • Overseas Indian have an ordinary residence at the address given on the passport.
  • Home address is the ordinary residence of the service voters.

Not eligible:

Those citizens of India who have been declared unstable to vote by law due to corrupt practices or involved in any illegal activities relating to elections are not eligible to cast the vote. You can not be registered in electoral rolls if you are not a citizen of India. Also, a person who is eligible for voting and enrolls himself as a voter. Then election commission will issue a slip that will confirm the name of the person on the voter list. The election commission recognizes the photo id proof also along with the slip. This is the voter card of the person. If a person can not get his voter list then he can check online or can call the helpline to find out.

Identity proof:

Voter identification is mandatory at the times of poll by ECI. When you will go to cast a vote you will show a voter id card or any other proof of your identification that ECI will give you. If anyone has no voter id then he can use another document accepted by the Election commission. These are the documents you will need to cast a vote on.

  • You will fill a voter registered form.
  • Copy of residence proof.
  • Copy of your age proof and proof of your identity.
  • Your recent passport size photographs.

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