How To Use X-Ray Mood In Minecraft

How To Use X-Ray Mood In Minecraft:

This mod allows players to quickly identify some items. These are precious items that are hidden deep underground. These are secret chests, rare ores, underground dungeons, and some other items. Also, this mood makes some common blocks like dirt, stone ad gravel invisible. So, players can easily see valuable items. In the pocket edition of Minecraft, you can easily install X-ray mood. You can do this with a simple download. Here I will tell you how to use X-ray mood in Minecraft.

How To Use X-Ray Mood In Minecraft

There are few steps I will tell you.


Use the device you want to install the mood. Here is the link you can download the link.

Now scroll down the page of download and download

Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition

Step 2:

Now you download the mood on the device you want. It is essential to import the file into Minecraft. This process varies on the different devices you use.

These are steps to import the file into Minecraft on IOS.

  • When you download the texture pack then navigate the files app.
  • Now install the app and go to the download tab and press then hold down the download file of the X-ray texture pack file.
  • So, many pop up and press the move option.
  • Move the file to the folder you found. This is the folder name: on my iPhone-> Minecraft games->com.Mojang->resources-pack.

Here are the steps to import in android devices.

  • When you download the X-ray then open the download folder.
  • Select the button X-ray texture pack and press the button with three dots labeled more in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Option open as and click the other.
  • Press this time only and select Minecraft.


Now if you did everything correctly. The pack will be installed. It is time to enable this mod. To enable the mod of X-ray texture pack. So, tap the setting button in Minecraft’s main menu. Then scroll down to global resources and select my packs option. This allows the pack to activate.


When the pack is active players can play signal or multiplayer normally. The pack will automatically be active for usage.

For more information visit this link

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