How To Use A Cafetiere

How To Use A Cafetiere:

cafetiere is a glass heatproof jug. It also has a stainer which is attached to it. When you brew the coffee then you plunge the stainer to the bottom to separate spent coffee grounds from the coffee. Which leaves the perfectly brewed coffee to pour from the spout and your ground secured in the base. people also call them french press. Here I will tell you how to use a cafetiere.

How To Use A Cafetiere

How to use:

  • First, clean it before use you always need to clean it after and before using.
  • Then boil the kettle for one minute and you will weigh the coffee. Water will coll slightly because you do not want to burn your coffee grounds when you pour the water over.
  • Add one tablespoon per cup you want to make in the base of the heatproof jug. If you want to make 8 cups of coffee then you will need 50 to 60 g of coffee to make.
  • ┬áNow use water of 125ml water for one tablespoon coffee ground for every ground you want to make.
  • Fill half hot water in cafetiere and pour it over the grounds. Us spoon to store it. Then all coffee grounds will be wet and submerged in water. Then top it up with the rest of the water.
  • Set a timer of 4 minutes and add the lid but do not plunge.
  • Moving the handle with one hand plunge slowly and steadily and the plunger with another hand.
  • Now pour it into a mug and enjoy.


If you make coffee like cafetiere which is made usually with toughened glass. Then there is no need to heat before use.

Hot water:

Use just off boiling water when you boil the kettle then wait for a minute to cool it down slightly. Do not use boil water straight away because if you will use then coffee can taste slightly burnt it bitter.

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