How To update Elvui

How To update Elvui:

You want a guide on the update of Elvui. You on the right place then. Wrafract is a complicated game. One of the main reasons is the data that game games give to players to process on. But game allows you to use add-ons to alleviate the burden of the game. Wow, Elvui like plugins which are developed by Tukui is the resemblance of this thing and you can seek more advantage of gameplay to use his experience. Here I will tell you how to update Elvui.

How To update Elvui

In the world or universe of warcraft. You will always find that type of player who wants to enjoy time in-game in any way possible. They do without compromising the game. You will also find some hardcore players who want to achieve their goals and end this game by winning levels in any way possible. Here I will tell you the role of Elvui in the game.

Here in this guide, I will tell you to step by step procedure for it. Actually, it is a user interface designed for the user which has some additional features also. It has a better interface than the default Blizzard UI in any aspect.

How to update Elvui:

First, you delete your old Eluvia. Then here is the guide to follow step by step.

  • In the first step go to the browser and open the web browser.
  • Now go to the search bar and type Elvui then press enter.
  • Ther you will go to the Elvui website.
  • After going to the website. Go to the top right corner and search client.
  • There are two types of clients. One is the window client and another one is the mac client.
  • Choose the interface.
  • Choose the client you want. When you will choose the right client there will be a download page.
  • Go to download and press the download. Your client will start downloading.
  • When downloading is complete. You will get the file in zip form on your desktop. Now click the zip file and open it you will get your .exe file.
  • Click on the .exe file and open it. After opening it follow the installment instructions.

After the completion of your installment. An icon will appear on your desktop. Now open it for the first time. They’re a pop-up will appear which will let you know that you need to sign up or you already have an account. So if you do not have an account then click on the yes button. After clicking the button a page will appear on the website where you will create an account.

Now you have created your account. Now open your client and go to the top of the file. You just have to log in to the account you just created. When you will log in to your account then highlight Eluvi and click on the update. Which is on the right corner of the website.


Go to the file explore in the disk c then program file/world of craft/interface/addons. Then Eluvi folder and copypaste these files to the desktop. After this go to Tukui download the Eluvi extract file and log in to the game.

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