how To Unblock A toilet

how To Unblock A toilet:

It looks like a nightmare to unblock the toilet. It is a difficult process. In most the chances, it happens in the worst moments. It is an unwanted condition for anybody.  Sometimes a blocked look became unblock automatically. It has multiple reasons to block a toilet. Here I will tell you how to unblock a toilet

how To Unblock A toilet

Using a plunger:

It is the easiest method to unblock the toilet. There are few steps you will follow to unblock the toilet with a plunger. Also, these steps will help you to unblock the toilet. First, you will need some things for this process.

Things you need:

  •  Plunger
  • Also rubber gloves
  • bucket
  • coat hanger
  • baking soda
  • vinegar

protecting the surrounding:

I suggest you not use a new towel for this process. Also, do not use any kind of toilet paper. Use an old towel or newspaper for this process. Soak up spills and protect the bathroom floor. Also, use rubber gloves and old clothes for your protection. Protection is very important in this process.

 Toilet overflow:

Ensure that the toilet is not overflowing before starting to unclog. There will be a shutoff valve in the pipe. It comes out of the wall behind the toilet.

  • Now turn it clockwise gently. Do not overtight it. If it does not move it means your living in a hard water area. Put some penetrating oil and loosen it.
  • If your toilet is old then deal with the float first because you do not have any valve. First, take the lid from the toilet tank then sink down the water level. Put a trigger reaction that will open the water valve. It will refill the tank.
  •  It is time to use a coat hanger that will keep the float upright.  This will help to not refill the tank.

Checking the right plunger:

This time to try moving onto a rubber plunger. Also, this is often the simplest way to unblock a toilet. Often it is ineffective simply. Because you will use a sink plunger to unblock a toilet. Plungers use for the toilet have a fold-out flange. It folds up into the plunger cup when you do not want to use it.  Also, plungers without this flange are for sinks.

Vacuum with a plunger:

put the plunger under the water. Then complete covering the pipe. Put  Slow and firm push down to create a seal,  It is time to pull up to create a vacuum to dislodge the blockage. Report this activity, increase the speed. The speed you work and expect to continue for at least fifteen minutes. After that clean it properly.

Without a plunger:

  • First, wash with liquid
  • Then use clingfilm
  • Plastic bottle
  • At last use coat hanger.
  • For more information visit this link

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