How To Slide In Madden 21

How To Slide In Madden 21:

How To Slide In Madden 21

Madden 21 was released in August 2020 and it created a lot of confusion among players regarding the slide mechanism. Now EA decide to change the button scheme this year and it creates more confusion while triggering the slide mechanism in the game. So still many players do not know how to slide in madden 21. Here I will tell you the whole process.

You can find madden 231 on PlayStation 4,  Xbox One, and X box series X and S.  You can also play it on play station 5.  Also, this game is available on android and ios. You can find it on Microsoft windows and google stadia.

Sliding :

Sliding is a move that helps you to safeguard the ball and prevent any chance of fumbling. Some players in this game think that sliding is a time-wasting move. These players think that sliding should not be the part of game and minimized while playing madden 21. But sliding can turn the tables of a losing match and safeguard the ball. It is a safe option that’s players use frequently.

Quater backs:

Sometimes quarterbacks are needed to slide the ball. Because they have more chance to fumble the ball. Player may not like this process but this is just how it is. It is true the QBs while diving as their heads are straight into a wall of defense.

QB slide:

This is the safest bet to execute the slide because the player has the best skill in the field. The important thing you need to check before sliding is whether you have passed the scrimmage line or not. You can slide it you have not crossed it. Here we will tell you to slide on Xbox and PS4.


If you are on PlayStation4 then you will press the square button twice in quick succession. When it falls it will result in diving animating taking place. So if you want to see your player sliding gloriously then press button to times.


If you are playing the game on Xbox then you will press the X button twice in quick succession. Also, make sure to do it quickly If you do not want to catch up with diving animation.

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