How To Set Up A Chess Board

How To Set Up A Chess Board:

How To Set Up A Chess Board: The chessboard has eight columns which we call. Each file contains eight squares. It also has eight rows containing different ranks. So it means chess has 64 squares on every chessboard. Before you start the game set up the pieces in their squares. You may find it difficult in the beginning. But you do not need to worry. Here I will tell you how to set up a chessboard.

How To Set Up A Chess Board

These are the steps you need to follow:


In the first step, you need to know about the positioning of the chessboard. The chessboard always has numbers and letters. You always need to sit on the edge of the board that has letters. The bottom right corner square should be a light-colored square.

The rooks:

The rooks have shapes like little towers in most styles of chess. Always put these pieces in the corners it will look like a real fortified castle. Now come to the coordinates it will like a1,h1,a8, and h8.

The knights:

Knight always goes next to the rooks. There is a line beside rooks when you setting up chess. Knights will go to that rooks. Knights usually look like horses. Seems like real knights will ride. These knights always protect the towers of the castles. Their movement is always in; L; shape. They have the ability to hove over other pieces. That,s why they are worth around 3 pawns and are very useful in the beginning.


Bishops are always next to the knights. They are on the third row beside the knights when you set up the chessboard. Their movement is diagonally any number of unblocked squares. Their names tell you their positions. The coronation of a real king or queen is handled by a regliousfigure. They are responsible for putting a crown on the head of the new mon char,s. Their worth is about 3 pawns. They become active at the start of the game, But if they survive at the end of the game they become more powerful due to long-range.

The queen:

There are two squares left on the line. The queen will on the colored square of the player it represents. White queen on the light square and dark on the colored square. Their movement is on any number unblocked square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It has the same power combining the power of rook and bishops. Queen worth about 9 pawns.

The king:

The king will go on the last square of the pawn. King can just move one square in any direction. The game has only the objective of checkmate to the opponent’s king. That’s why the king is worth more than any other obe in the game. Although the king is not strong in play. But you have to save king at any cost.

Eight pawns:

Chess has eight pawns for every player. These are less valuable and weeks pieces in the game. Fill the second row of the chess with eight pawns. When you will set up pawns pf the chessboard you will easily identify the rest of the chess pieces.

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