How To Search For A word On A Page

How To Search For A word On A Page:

Every web browser has a finding tool. On this tool, you can search a webpage for matching words or sometimes phrases. Google also has to google advanced search options. On this option, you can perform a search for a word or phrase. You can do this on all of the pages of a specific site. Also can use a finding tool to use this in conjunction with tools to locate words anywhere on the internet. Here I will tell you how to search for a word on a page.

How To Search For A word On A Page

Site with Goggle: in your browser:

It is easy to use google to perform a search of all the pages on a website. So you can find words on large or complex websites.

Enter site:

You want to search any word on a specific website. First, you will search the website on the google search bar. Google will guide you to the website you want.

Word or phrase:

You want to enter a word or phrase it is no problem you can enter it. For example, if you want to search howtofair.comĀ  for any page that has the word banana. You will search with banana. So any related search on regarding bananas you will get.

Use find commands:

Google will give you any pages that match your search. But Google will not point out the matching word on a website. Use the find tool to jump on that word where the word occurs on the website page.

Mobile web browser:

Tap icon:

Mobile has a lot of popular web browsers. These browsers include google chrome, firefox, safari. Just tap on the icon to open the browser.


Use the bar at the top of the browser to search the address. Go to a bar and search the web address of the website you want to open.


If you want to go to the menu of the browser. In Google Chrome there is an icon with three dots. Tap on that icon. This icon is on the upper-right corner but if you are using the Safari browser or iPhone there will icon with the blue square arrow pointing to the upper right corner. Ob Samsung internet there is an icon of three lines. Tap it on the lower right corner.


Find on a page is also a menu in most browsers. It has an icon that resembles a magnifying glass.

Word or phrase:

The search bar will appear on any side of the page. It depends on your keyboards. It also depends on the browser that which browser you are using. This will search on the webpage of the word or phrase you want o match. It will highlight in the text.

Cycle through the result:

You will find arrows pointing up and down next to the find search bar. This web browser will help you to jump to the highlighted search.


If you want to close the find search bar. There will be an X icon next to the search bar. Tap on X to close.

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