How To Search For A Seller On eBay

How To Search For A Seller On eBay:

It is easy to purchase an item from eBay. eBay has a search bar you can just search your item on the search bar. If you want to search for a specific seller on eBay it can be a difficult job. To find a seller you will dig deeper into the search options. We will guide you all about the seller on eBay. Here I will tell you how to search for a seller on eBay.

How To Search For A Seller On eBay

Web browser:

If you find a seller on eBay with a good experience with you you may want to continue shop with that particular seller. If a seller has unique items on his list you want to check him for updates. You want to check what is new in this list. Search for an item and search for a seller both are different things. If you want to search on desktop or web browser here is the guide for it.

Advanced search:

First, go to the eBay official website here is the link. Now to search for a seller go to the website and click the link “advanced” link on the top right corner with the search bar. You will find this option on every page of eBay. This will guide you to the advance search page.

Seller section:

When you will scroll down to the page this will guide you to the seller section. Here you will click on the “by seller” in the items pane. This will be on the left side of the screen.

Only show items from:

When you are in the seller section you will click on the box next to ” only show items” for selection. Then click on the bubble next to specific sellers. Here you can type the seller id in the text box and then click on the search.

Mobile app:

If you want to search for a seller on eBay mobile app. It will lot easier than a web browser. You are using an app on android or IOS it does not matter. Just go to the search bar on the top.

Here you just have to search the id of the seller you want to search. Then there will be an option which will say “search for a user”. Tap on that option in the search result. Here is the complete guide to searching sellers on eBay.

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