How To Roll A Joint

How To Roll A Joint:

A joint is a cigarette. People roll it often with their hands. It is not easy to roll by a beginner You can find a rolling paper and other stuff in some shops. It can save few steps for you. The smoking joint is a popular way to smoke cannabis. It is a social event to make it and smoke with friends. It is a highly personal and intricate craft. By following a few steps you can become a master of this. Here I will tell to you that how to roll a joint. Also, it is a cannabis cigarette that has tobacco and cannabis.

How To Roll A Joint

Things you need:

There are some things you will need to make it and roll it.

  • Cannabis
  • a rolling tray
  • grinder
  • paper for rolling
  • a filter
  • Pen or an item like a pen shape

 Grinding the cannabis;

In the first step, I will tell you to grind cannabis. It is an important step. Grinder help to separate the flowers. The grinder makes a good texture and same size. It makes cannabis more smooth. If the grinder is not available. Use your finger to apart the bud. Work slowly and gently it can damage cannabis. Make them as small pieces as you can.

 Making a crutch:

You cab buy crutch from many shops. It is considered the mouthpiece of a joint. It is not important for joint. You can hold a joint in your mouth without a crutch. Also, it boosts the airflow in the joint. It minimizes the risk of burning your lips.

It will help you to not inhale the tiny bites of marijuana. For making a crutch need a piece of thick paper. Then rip off in rectangular shape about half an inch wide. Fold it according to shape and wrap it. Crutch has many materials. You can find them in shops.

Loading the joint:

Put rolling paper on the tray. Then position the crutch. Put where you want to make your mouthpiece. Sprinkle marijuana with the crutch in columns and rows. Spread it throughout the joint and do not overspill it. It will make a perfect joint.

Rolling the joint:

It is time to rolling the joint. First, pick the cannabis side and put the adhesive side away from you. Use thumb and finger to pinch the paper and make it in cigarette shape. Then shift the paperback and forth to adjust the bud evenly. Now pack it down. Pack it in a cylinder shape. Do not pack it so loose and not so tight.

It is time to tuck from the adhesive side. After it tucks the non-adhesive side. Then roll the paper slowly over the weed. Roll it towards the adhesive side. Use thumb and fingers to roll. Then lick the sticky side and join it together. After this, pick a pen and pack down the cannabis towards the mouthpiece. This is a place where you are going to smoke. Your joint is ready now.

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