How To Roll A Blunt

How To Roll A Blunt:

Blunt is a replica of the joint which is a marijuana cigarette. But blunt has a unique and different feature from the joint that it is wrapped in tobacco leaf. But in joint people use a standard rolling paper. Tobacco rolling paper provides many distinctive qualities of a blunt like taste, smell, effect, and burn time. Blunts are polarized in the cannabis community. Some smokers are fans of blunts and they only smoke blunt and other use it for its strong smell and also the taste associated with a tobacco leaf wrap. Here I will tell you how to roll a blunt.

How To Roll A Blunt

Things you need:

There are key components you will need to roll blunt. You will need a cannabis strain of your choice and a fine grinder to grind it. The other thing you will need is rolling paper. The most important element of a blunt is a rolling paper which is a tobacco leaf wrap that enhances the quality of the blunt. Tobacco wrap is the heart of the blunt so select the right tobacco wrap.

Here I will tell you to step by step.

Grinding weed:

A little preparation work is good before rolling blunt. The most important thing is the weed that is ground up and ready to go. Then use a grinder to grind the weed. Because grinder gives most consistent grind and which translate into a smoother and more even burn. Use fingers to grind the weed if you do not have a grinder and apart from it into the small pieces you can do.


Different people like different brands of wrap. You can choose the wrap you want. If you are new to blunt then try different brands until you find the best wrap for yourself.


Use a razor blade to break down the blunt in a clean way and use it to split the cigar lengthwise down the middle. If you are using a hand then be careful using it that you break apart the warp without tearing it all the way or cracking it. When you open u the cigar then empty it out and discard the tobacco inside the wrap.


To make tobacco leaf more pliable and easier to work it is good to get the wrap slightly moist. Use water or saliva for moisturization. You can lick the blunt leaf or use a paintbrush moistened with water.

Placing weed:

Hold tobacco warp into your non-dominant hand and make a U shape of wrap with your thumb and index finger. Place the marijuana in the wrap with the pinch of ground up. Not overfill it because you have to cover and roll the wrap you need space for it.

Roll up:

Gently rock the wrapping paper back and forth by using both hands. Tempting down and even out the marijuana as you are engine in this motion. This technique will help you to make your blunt cylindrical which will be uniform in thickness. After having the right shape bring on the edge of the wrap-up and over the marijuana and tuck it beneath the opposite side of the wrap.


Hold the edge of the wrap and of one side and use the tongue to dampen it. Use tongue to lick the inside of the wrap and press it down when it is moist. Moist will make the tobacco thick and seal the blunt shut. Then use a lighter which will dire out the tobacco will lock the seam into place and the blunt will not fall apart when you will smoke.

Light it up and enjoy:

Use lighter to light it up and enjoy your blunt.

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