How To Reset Sky Q Box

How To Reset Sky Q Box:

Resetting the sky q box is one of the challenging situations to face for sky tv users. If you have a sky q box you can share sky tv content with other rooms through wifi. You can use wiring for this purpose as well. There are a lot of problems with sky tv which people do not know how to solve. So, this is the time you need to reset your sky q box. Here I will tell you to step by step guide on how to reset the sky q box.

How To Reset Sky Q Box

Before resetting these are the things you need to check maybe they are involved in problems

  • First, check your tv remote maybe your remote is not working properly.
  • The box needs ventilation. so put the box in an open space.
  • Go for the normal reset before going to the box reset factory.


Resetting the q box:

After doing all the upper checks you do not get what is a problem with sky tv. Then it is time to reset its q box. These are the types of resetting.

Soft reset:1

These are the steps for soft resetting.

  • You have the remote reset the SKY HD BOX and long-press the mute or standby button with the remote.
  • After this turn off and rest by removing the plug from its main switch.
  • Also, make sure that box is switched up
  • Give it three to five minutes to reset and then plug the main box again.

After this wait for the instructions and then short press on the home button. By doing this resort the more trouble lags.

Reset hard drive:

Here are the steps to reset the hard drive if needed.

  • Press the home button at your sky q box.
  • Then wait for the next instructions to appear on the screen select the setting button options.
  • After going in the reset option press the button after this you will reach to select.
  • When you are redirected to another dialog box then reset the options set and reset the hard drive.
  • After reading the terms and conditions on the screen regarding the possible loss of file. Press the select button to proceed.
  • Then press the stand button on the front area of the box.

Sky q box factory reset:

Here are the steps for this process if needed.

  • Long press on the home button found on the sky q box.
  • Then choose settings.
  • Then select and then press the combination of these numbers and press the select.
  • After this select reset and reset factory.
  • Now your work is done and adjusts the tv according to yourself.

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