How To Repressurise A Worcester Boiler

How To Repressurise A Worcester Boiler: Every time you need strength to maintain the boiler. You always feel that something is going to break. It is tedious work to repressurize the boiler. It is one of the important check-ins for the boiler. When you see that the pressure gauge on the front of the boiler is dropping into the red zone. It,s means that you need your boiler to repressurize. Here I will tell you how to repressurize a Worcester boiler.

How To Repressurise A Worcester Boiler

Here I will tell you to step by step:

Locate the internal filling key:

You will see a white plastic tray on the underside of your Worcester boiler. Then you remove the tray and locate the tray.

Locate the arrows:

Near its base, you will find a white arrow pointing upward. now you need these to line up the key in the manifold.

Locate the manifold:

Now find a manifold it will be linked to your cold mains into the boiler through to your central heating system. Also, it is made from black plastic.

Padlock symbols:

On the manifold plastic, padlock symbols are one next to each ether. Their position is one next to each other. It is very crucial for you to identify that which is used for which purpose. Also, your internal filling key is important to position it properly to carry out the procedure.

Pushing the key:

Now first locate the white arrow on the key. Also, line up with open padlock symbol position on the plastic of manifold. But first, you will push the key up inside. Then the tubing and turn it to close padlock symbol position. Now make sure that you push the key snugly into the manifold.

Allow water to the system:

Now your internal filling key is in the close position so you need to turn the white plastic button nut anti-clockwise. After this, you will begin to hear water filling into the heating system.

Monitor the boiler pressure:

When water enters the system keep an eye on the pressure gauge in the front of the boiler.If it reached to the required level of 1.5 then tighten the white plastic.

Remove the internal filling key:

Then remove the internal filling key after this whole process.

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How To Repressurise A Worcester Boiler:


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