How To Report Benefit Fraud

How To Report Benefit Fraud:

northern Ireland taxpayers cost millions of pounds in the name of benefit fraud. If someone is doing benefit fraud you can stop them. You can report him and take money from them and give the people which need it. Here I will tell you how to report benefit fraud.

How To Report Benefit Fraud

Reporting fraud:

There has to be a good reason to investigate someone for benefit fraud. bEcuase3 the lawyers say you have t give more information as possible. Here are some steps you need to know.

  • You will give the names and addresses of those parents. Also, give the name and address of his parents if they have one.
  • Full description of that person.
  •  You will also give a reason that why you suspect them and what type of benefit you think they are doing.
  • If they have an employer you will also give information about their employers.
  • If they have a vehicle or car you will provide information about that vehicle.
  • Also, give any type of information you think can help the police.

Platforms to report the fraud:

You can report fraud through any platform. You can report online through phone and also in writing.

  • In this step, you will have to complete one online form.  link
  • Here is the hotline to call the fraud. link
  • If you want to send any type of information by post. Link

When reporting fraud:

Here I will tell you what happens when you report fraud.

  • The staff of benefit fraud investigation will look up the information you give them. If you give them a lot of information then they will check the benefit claim of that person.
  • Also, this investigation will take some time and staff will not tell you its outcome.
  • It can happen that no action will be taken after investigation. Because sometimes this happens that person suspected in benefit fraud already declared that he in. So if he is claiming it then nothing will happen to him.
  • There will be an outcome of benefit fraud it will insense that investigation can result in a criminal record. If there will recovery of benefit then it will result in the confession of assets and its value lost through fraud.

For more information visit this link.

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