How To Remove Skirting Boards

How To Remove Skirting Boards:

A skirting board is indispensable when you are decorating the house. These boards enhance the decoration of the house and play the to look space perfect. It also plays role in protecting the walls of the house. Do not worry about fouling the wall in the stage of cleaning. If you want to renovate or decorate the house again then you can easily change the skirting boards of the house. Here I will tell you the correct method of removing the skirting board and not to damage your walls. Here I will tell you how to removes skirting boards.

How To Remove Skirting Boards

Reasons to remove skirting boards:

  • If boards are worn and tired over time. Then it is time to remove them.
  • If you want to renovate your home from older to modern style then you may replace or remove the skirting boards.
  • You want to install tile flooring, laminate flooring, or carpet then you have to remove the board first.

Tools for removing skirting boards:

These are the following tools

  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Stanley knife

Steps to remove the skirting boards:

These are the following steps

Remove the cables:

First, remove the cables surrounding old skirting boards. For this remove cable clips or any other debris which are the way of removing skirting board.

Loosen the skirting boards:

Now run the Stanley knife down the back of the skirting boards. Remove any rock where it meets the wharf that might keep it stuck together. Use a hammer to gently knock the chisel in between the wall and skirting. Because it helps to loosen it from the wall. Remove the whole piece of that. Do this many times to get a good deep cut.

Removing away from the wall:

Take a screwdriver in your hand and get behind the skirting board by that old piece of old scarp wood text the plaster where the skirting board is and try the board away. Use the wood above the scarp wood and leverage what you may do against the wall.

Removing nails:

Remove the old anils of boards that can affect the new skirting board. You can remove various things because they are firmly attached to the wall. So, knock the nail into and blew the plaster. Because you need a smooth finishing for the skirting boards and put away any excess on the wall. Again give a smother apply to go and run for this with another piece. Put the Stanley knife across the skirting boards down to the wall. It prevents damage to the plaster enables you to fit the new skirting boards perfectly.

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