How To Remove Security Tag

How To Remove Security Tag:

It is always a problem. When you buy something from the store. you do not know that how to remove their security tags. Security tag from clothes is a hard job to remove. Because you do not want to rip them off due to the security tag. you should know that how to remove them from clothes. here I will share with you some tips and methods.

Rubber Band method:

First, you know about the ink cartridge in the security tag. Ink cartridge is the part of the security tag which is just out of the plastic. It is in the opposite direction of the pin. You will pull the part of the cloth. Which has security on it. It is essential to prevent them from ripping off. Then take rubber and slip it. Slip it properly around the security tag.

The rubber band should be enough strong. Also, use a large and thick rubber band. After this, hold the large part of the security tag. The part which has an ink cartridge. put pressure on the pin side and try to loosen it. It will easily pop offs.  it will easily pull apart the rest of the security tag.

Screwdriver Method:

First, you have to put the side up with an ink cartridge. you will remove a tag from this side. Then take a screwdriver. YOU will see a pyramid raised above. you place a screwdriver in it. Then just press it down. It will pierce the plastic and pull it up. remove it from the perimeter of the plastic.

After that, you will see a silver paper lining. Then remove the silver paper lining through the screwdriver. Put pressure on the security tag. then pull the sliver part up from rest. then lift up the metal. This metal holds the pin inside. now easily slide the pin away from the security tag. You’re good to go.

Magnet Method:

use a strong magnet to remove it. When you put a magnet on the security tag. It will put apart the metal side. strong magnets have a special type of sensors. these will help you to remove them. when you will put a magnet on the ink cartridge side of a security tag. Press it firmly.  after press it, the security tag will be easily removed.

Dermal method:

take a dermal or a wire cutter. use dermal on the upper side of a security tag. put it on the ink cartridge and then press it. after this, the pyramid will lift up. Then also lift the metal side through it. after the metal side, you will see a sliver plate. Take it off with a cutter. After that, you will be good to go.

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