how To Remove Red Filter

how To Remove Red Filter:

The world is going crazy after a trend on the internet to remove the red filters from TikTok. Earlier this was a trend where people made videos of the dance and posing seductively in red filters. But this trend ended like other trends on social media.  There are a lot of memes on the internet of this trend with a twist. Now everyone is looking on the internet that how they can perform their trend on the internet. Here I will tell you how to remove red filter.

how To Remove Red Filter


A few months back the red silhouette challenge become popular all over TikTok. Now the trend is back again but without the red filter. Many TikTok users again upload their old red silhouette videos without filters. Therefore many other users also want to upload their old videos and want to become a part of this trend. But they actually do not how to remove this filter. Here is a guide for them and I will tell you the whole process step by step.

Tiktok account:

If you are a TikTok user then it is good but if you are not a TikTok user. Then visit your play store on android and apple store on ios and download the app. After downloading the app create your account and log in.

Red silhouette:

Go to the TikTok bar and search red silhouette. You will find many videos on that challenge. Now you can download any video of the red silhouette challenge page. If you have your own video then you can download it from your profile.

Video editing app:

Now you will need a video editing app on your phone. Which you can easily download from the play store or apple store. It depends on your respective device. Open your red silhouette video on this app on your mobile device.


When your video is in the editing app on your mobile device then increase the brightness of the video.

Contrast and saturation:

Now you will decrease the contrast and saturation of the red silhouette video.


After this, you will decrease the tint of the video and your red filter from this challenge video will remove.

Tiktok app:

It is a social media platform for uploading videos. A Chinese company Byte dance has created this app. It is also a video-sharing platform But like other platforms like YouTube, it does not allow sharing long videos. It is a globally popular app.

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