How To Remove A Radiator

How To Remove A Radiator:

Removing a radiator is not an easy job. It has many reasons to remove a radiator. It helps to circulate water in the house. Also mostly use for hot water. We install it with clips and brackets on the wall. If you want to decorate the room you will remove it. But if you follow some steps it will an easy job. Here I will tell you how to remove a radiator. I will tell you with easy steps.

How To Remove A Radiator

 Things you need:

You will need the following things

  • Radiator key
  • two adjustable wrenches
  • Bowl to put water.

Here are few steps which will guide you in this process.

Turn off the heating:

Before removing a radiator it is important to turn off the heating system of the radiator. Turn off the main heating system and cools it down. Make sure to not contact water while working. It can harm you. So it is important to turn it in before work.

Turning off the valves:

Every radiator has a valve. We call it a thermostatic radiator valve. Remove it before working. Low down its position to zero. The radiator also has another valve. Which we call the lock shield valve. It has a plastic shield on it. take it off from the valve. Inside the valve, there is a small spindle. Take a wrench and turn the valve in a clockwise direction. It will turn off do this multiple times and count it. After counting take a note of it. It will help us to take the radiator to the same place.


First, take a bowl and put radiator water in it. We will drain it. Put a wrench on the valve and turn it to loosen the valve. It will loosen the nuts which join the radiator. Then water will drain into our bowl.

Opening the bleeding valve:

Turn radiator key to open the valve. It is an important process in this method. This will help more to remove the water.

Loosening the valve:

It is time to close the bleed valve. Then this move valve to the other side. Also, use two wrenches to loosen the nut. It will connect the radiator to the valve. Then collect the water in the bowl. Do this again to open the bleed valve to help more water drain out.


Disconnect by losing the nuts. Disconnect them completely. When you disconnect the radiator. It will drain more water from a side to your bowl.

Lifting the radiator:

Lift the radiator with care upwards and off the brackets. Sometimes it is the radiator is particularly heavy. It will good for you to ask for some help. This is a simple way to remove or replace a radiator.

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