How To Raid A Twitch

How To Raid A Twitch:

On twitch when a streamer finishes its stream then the streamer has two options. The first option is to close the stream and force viewers to switch on another channel by themselves. There is another option that streamers can raid another stream. It means forwarding the audience to other channels and boosting its viewers. When a new streamer comes on twitch it relays on twitch raiders to boost his channel. If you just have a limited number of viewers on your per stream then raid can boost your viewers quickly. This happens when a big streamer raids your stream. It increases and grows followers. Here I will tell you how to raid a twitch.

How To Raid A Twitch

Nice thing:

It is a nice way to arid on another stream but it is a two-way street. If you often raid streams of other twitch streams then you will get back raid of that streamer when he will end his stream. Twitch also streamers to see that who recently raid your stream. You can easily see the list especially when the streamer looking for help to grow his channel.


It is a selfless act to raid the stream on twitch. I mean raiding another channel does not do anything to the tremor who does this. Forwarding audience from one channel to another gives immediate help to grow the audience of the receiver streamer. Smaller twitch channel makes a community and raids each other channels to gain viewers and followers. This also offers them network opportunities.

Large twitch channels:

If you raid to a large twitch channel. May you find yourself lost In the list of other raids but your action might gain the notice of streamer and if you are lucky he could raid you back. This action can boost your followers.

How to raid:

You can easily start a twice raid in the streamer chatbox or can do it via the twitch mobile app on android and iPhone.Here I will tell you to step by step.


You want to start a raid from twitch then type /raid channel. Replace the channel with the username of the streamer you want to raid.

Raid now:

A pop-up control box will appear when you will began the raid. Select the radio now to begin the raid and select cancel if you want to cancel it. Do not ignore the box because if you ignore the box your road will begin after 80 seconds automatically.


Your channel will become host when the raid has begun to that user streamer. Any viewer who will view your channel will also see the raid stream and chatbox. There will also be a pop-up alert to inform you.

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