How To Plaster A Wall

How To Plaster A Wall:

It is not an easy job to plaster a wall. It is the final step in finishing a wall.   Also, it is a technical process. Maybe you need an expert for this process. But if you want to do it yourself. Then follow some guidelines for this process. First, we will choose a plaster. Chose a thick plaster for this process. Also, keep in mind it should freshly mixed plaster. Use a trowel to spread the plaster. Also, use a handheld float to smooth the corner. Then you can put some wallpaper on the wall. Here I will tell you how to plaster a wall.

How To Plaster A Wall

Preparing your work:

Here, I will tell you that how you will prepare yourself with materials.

Cleaning tools:

Before start working it is important to clean your tool. It is important to avoid contamination. When you start mixing your plaster. Clean your bucket. floats and trowels. They should be spotless. Do not leftover small track of previous plaster. It will ruin your work. Set the plaster properly.

Layout clothes:

Take some canvas sheeting and plastic traps to make a barrier against dust.

  • Plaster can damage the wood. It also laminates floors.
  •  Use painter’s tape to secure the dropcloth. Do it directly to the floor beneath the wall.
  • When It is done just roll up the dropcloths. Also, take them outside and spray them.

Cleaning the wall:

Before plastering the wall clean it thoroughly. Use a scrub for cleaning. Clean every part of the wall. Clean the over-stained areas properly. Also, repair the crackings of the wall. Start your work by cleaning the surface. Also, use a damp cloth for cleaning the wall.

Brushing glue:

Combine a part of glue with water and brush it with the wall. Mix them in the disposal paint tray. Use a roller to apply it. Use PAV  glue for this process.

Mixing plaster:

Take a bucket and half fill with water. Put a packet of mixed paint in water. It will form a mound on the surface of the water. Keep in mind that always put mixed plaster in water. Use an electric drill to mix it. It will set the plaster very easily. Use bucket according to your work.

First coat of plaster:

Use a trowel to scoop the plaster. Put plaster from the edge of the bucket and take it in a separate place. When it will mix properly it will not stick with a hawk.

Use trowel:

Put plaster on the flat edge of the trowel and pick it from floor to ceiling. Sit the plaster in the center of the trowel for efficiency. Take a small amount of plaster and add more.

Smear the plaster:

strat pushing the plaster to the wall gently. Do this as you reach the higher part. One centimeter should be the thickness of the first coat. Keep plaster soft and slide down.

Spread the polishing:

  • spread the final and second coat.
  • Use the float to finish
  • Then allow it to set

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