How To Open A Locker

How To Open A Locker:

How To Open A Locker

If lockers are available in your school for you then you might always want to open them quickly. It requires piratic and becomes easy with the time. Many public places other than schools also have lockers like gyms and public swimming pools. Here I will tell you how to open a locker. When you first use combination locks it looks tough and takes time to open.

Opening with your padlock combination:

Here I will tell you the whole process step by step.

Spinning dial:

You will spin the dials three times in a clockwise direction and spin it all the way around. It helps you to clear the lock of any previous numbers. If your combination is messed up at any point when you’re putting it then do this again to start it over.

Entering combination:

Stop it at the first number when you turn it right. When you will start always start it with the right turn. Turn left for the second number, going past zero and our first number. Now stop at the second number. Again turn the dial right for your third number. Take it directly to the last number. Now leave your lock at the last and third numbers.  Always remember the combination right, left, right.

Opening the lock:

Pull the l0ck for opening and pull it out of the hole. If there is a latch or handle then you can pull then you can also pull it. You can tug on the knob to open the lock. If your lock is not working without combination then reverse the procedure and repeat it again. This is the procedure of how to open a lock.

Opening without padlock combination:

Here I will tell you the whole process step by step.

applying pressure upward:

Wrap your finger around the latch and take in the finger.  Pull up with a tiny bit when its locked. Rotate the clock counter clockwise when you are doing this until it’s locked. Apply a few strength to it and do not beaker it.

Writing down the number:

More than eleven times repeat this process. There will be two digits the seven numbers you will get and ignore these two digits. Continuous with other 5 outliers. 1 from the 5 will not end in the same digit. This is our third number. It is very important for you to know the where lock stopped so take a keen eye on them.

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