How To Mix Concrete

How To Mix Concrete:

Concrete is a building material. People use it to build foundations of walls and also other masonry structures. You can get some ready-made concrete which people usually use for small work. The only thing you add in ready-made concrete is water. Mortal is also a type of concrete. But it is soft than concrete and use as a glue-type material. Here I will tell you how to mix concrete.

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How To Mix Concrete

Things you need:

These are following you need to mix concrete.

  • Bucket
  • Dust mask
  • hoe
  • Rubber gloves
  • stiff bristle brush
  • wheelbarrow
  • Safety gloves


  • Quick mix concrete bag of 50 pound
  • Freshwater supply


Here is the first step. In This step, we will pour out the minimum dust. Put the bag of concrete on the end of the wheelbarrow. Take a utility knife then hold the top of the bag with one hand and use the other hand to slice off the top. Push the bag on its side and pour the mixed concrete.


It is time to pour the water. Take a bucket of water and pour it to the open side of the basin or wheelbarrow.


In this step, we will fold concrete with water. For this, we will use a hoe that will gradually pull material from the concrete side to water in the basin. This is essential that the product is mixed with water before putting more product.


In the fourth step, we will mix concrete together. When you will see that all concrete is mix with water do not stop mixing until you remove all dry sections.


Remember this that concrete should have a peanut butter-like consistency. Do not make it soupy. If it is soupy then add some amount of dry concrete to stiffen the mix. Add two cups of water if it feels powdery. Put the hoe in the mixture and drag it. When you put it it will remain flat.


It is time to clean the tools you used in this process. When you pour the concrete that cleans the tools. First, put them in a wheelbarrow and spray them clean. After this dry them aside.

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