How To Measure Inseam

How To Measure Inseam:

Fitting pair of jeans upgrade our style. We feel comfortable and unique. So, You should know about your inseam and how to measure the inseam. Inseam is from the crotch of your pants down to the hem of the leg. Due to the inseam, you can check your pants are in the perfect length. It is easy to measure by yourself. But, it is better to get help from others.

How To Measure Inseam

Measuring the pant:

Here I will tell you that how can you measure the inseam of your paint through easy methods and tips. There are some methods for you.

Grab a pair of paints:

Find a paint which is already fit for you. You feel comfortable wearing it. Also, it will make easy to find the inseam of the pant you already wear. Find a paint you like more because of this type of pants you want to buy. Its inseam will more accurate for you.

Check the tag:

Pants have written measurements on their tags. So, if your pants have an inseam on the tag. You can go to buy pants of the same measurement. Also, if the inseam is not on the tag. Then you can find it also.

Fold the pants:

Put your pants on the table. Now fold them. When you fold, legs will be line up with each other.

Lift the top pant leg up:

Carefully fold the top leg of the pant to the waist. When you will fold you will easily see the seem of pants. It will the underside of the crotch down to the hem. This will inseam your pants. Also, sure that there will no wrinkles when you fold the pants.

Measuring tap:

The crotch seam will be along the center. It will in the center of your pants. There will a spot where the crotch meets the seam. It will go down to legs. Now place the measuring tape at one point and measure the inseam of your pants. Measure all the way down to the hem of the leg for measurement.

Write down the measurement:

After measuring the inseam. You will find the perfect measurement. When you will wear it with high heels. You will add five to one inch to the inseam. If you want to buy pants that shrink then round your measurement up to five inches.

When someone measures your pants:

  • First, wear close-fitting pants for accurate measurements.
  • Before measurement take off your shoes. Barefoot will make accuracy.
  • Stand straight when someone is taking your measurement. It will help to maintain good posture.
  • Measure from the crotch seam to the legs. As I tell before.
  • Take your measurement and use it.

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