How To Measure A Radiator

How To Measure A Radiator:

If you want to replace your radiator. Then it is important for you to measure it properly. It will ensure you the correct size to replace it. There are many reasons that you want to measure your radiator like you want to buy a new radiator of the same dimension or move your existing radiator to the wall or you want to purchase a cover of a radiator. Here I will tell you how to measure a radiator. A standard unit of the radiator is a millimeter.

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How To Measure A Radiator

How to measure a radiator:

These are the following steps to measure it.

  • Measure the height
  • Measure the width
  • Also, Measure pipe center
  • Measure the pipe center

Radiator height:

If you want to measure the height of it then it is a simple process. You can measure it by taking your measuring tape from the lowest point of the radiator to the highest.

Radiator width:

It is time to measure the width of the radiator. You can measure it by taking your measuring tape across the furthest point on each side of the radiator.

Pipe center:

It is a measurement of the wall to pipe center. It is an indication that how far away from the wall is to pipe inlets of your radiator at the point of radiator valves. Also, if you want the pipe center it is from the center of the pipe to inlet to wall. It helps you to determine that how far away from the wall your pipework is and it is useful when you want to replace it.

Wall to face:

It is the measurement of how far into the room the radiator will protrude. You can count it by the furthest point in front of that radiator to the wall.

Calculating BTU:

When you want to replace the radiator then also calculate the BTU. BTU is a British thermal unit. It will ensure the radiator you install has the correct efficiency to heat the room.

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