How To Make White Dye In Minecraft

How To Make White Dye In Minecraft:

Different dye is important when it comes to coloring Minecraft. Most dyes are easy to make through the simple process. When it comes to white dye it is a little trickier to make. It is a new item that is added to the game. You can use this dye to change the colors of items in the game. Here I will tell you how to make white dye in Minecraft. I will tell step by step from your inventory.

How To Make White Dye In Minecraft

Things you need:

You will need

  • lily of the valley
  • bonemeal


You can make it with crafting with bone. You can get these bones from dropped by enemies’ skeletons. One bone has three bone meals. You can get them from spawners and fortresses. When the skeleton eliminates it drops one to three bones. You can get enough bones from the skeleton to play. You can use skeleton horses, strays, and wither skeleton all drops of bones as well. Also, use the same rate as standard Skelton. You can increase your accounts by your sword with any looting level. Also, it is easy to find the bones in the chest varying at likelihoods in both java and bedrock editions. If you kill a fish mob you have a 25 percent of chance to find a bone. Find salmon, pufferfish, and cod because they drop bones when they die.

Lilly of the valley:

It is important to find the Lilly of the valley in the game. You can find it near biomass birch forest hills and flower forests. When you find it then click left and hold the Lilly to break it. Then it will store in your inventory.

Makin of white dye:

Here I will you step by step that how can you make the white dye in Minecraft.

Open the table:

First, open the crafting table. Then start crafting dye with the available ingredients contained in your inventory. When you will open the crafting table you will find a 3X3 crafting grid.

Adding bonemeal and Lilly of the valley:

You can put bonemeal or Lilly of the valley. Put it in the first box of the first row. Place them in the same position as I am telling you. It will make an awesome result.


Put the produce white dye to inventory and dye the world white.

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