How To MAKE Torch In Minecraft

How To MAKE Torch In Minecraft:

Troch is a source of light in Minecraft. It is essential for those who want to explore the caves of the game. It prevents monsters from entering inside our structures. Torch also helps you to find your home in the dark. It makes you visible at night. It is one of the first tools you need in Minecraft. Here I will tell you how to make a torch in Minecraft.

How To MAKE Torch In Minecraft

How To Make Bed In Minecraft:


Here I will tell you to step by step that which material you need for this work


We all know that we can get wood easily by breaking down trees in Minecraft. Here we will turn these woods into planks.  we will put the wood in the crafting area of the inventory. Then shift-click the planks. This will complete the recipe and make a box. Then we will place one plank to the second one. We will do this crafting area. After shift-click it will stick.

Crafting table

If you want to make a crafting table. It is easy to make. Put four planks on the crafting area. It will make one crafting table.


It is time to make the pickaxe. There is a simple way to make a pickaxe. First, put a stick in the center of the crafting table. Make it in a 3×3 grid. Then put just blew to it. Then put three planks in the top row.

Torch making:

Here I will tell you that how to make a torch step by step.


It is very important to make a torch. Coal ore is a stone with black flecks in it. It is not difficult to find it in cliff faces and shallow caves. For the mining of coal, you will use a pickaxe. It helps you to break the stone.


Here we will combine stick and coal to make a torch. Put coal above the stick in the crafting area. That will make four troches. So if you want to make it it is very easy to make them now.

Use of torch:

The following are the uses of the torch.

  • You can use the torch to place it on the floor and the walls of your house. It will help you in dark.
  • Also, use it to light the full house. It is important because it prevents you from mobs.
  • If you are a new player in the game and you are exploring caves. The torch will help you to guide your journey back.
  • You can also use it to make landmarks.

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