How To Make Stairs In Minecraft

How To Make Stairs In Minecraft:

Stairs are a source of travel up and down for players. Stairs take more space than you think but they add beauty to your house. They make it look better and useful. You can also use stairs as decorative chairs. Stairs also have any more use that we will tell you. Here I will tell you how to make stairs in Minecraft.

How To Make Stairs In Minecraft

Survival mode:

Here I will tell you to step by step to make a stair in survival mode.


Material is an important thing to make stairs. First, you should know what type of stair you want. If you want to use wood in Minecraft for making stairs. Then you can also use certain types of stones.

  • sandstone
  • nether brick
  • cobblestone
  • quartz
  • clay bricks


It is time to collect the block of material you want to use. You will need six blocks. You will need that material to create a set of four stairs blocks. Then you will mine any kind of stone with a wooden pickaxe. Then mine a wood by using any tool like an axe for quick production.

Crafting table:

It is time to open your crafting table. You will right click on the crafting table. If a crafting table is not available then press E and create a crafting table with four wooden planks.

Placing material:

Place all of the material on the crafting table. For this procedure, you will need three blocks in the first column and also another one in the third. Also, put two in the second column. Place them at the starting of the bottom row on the crafting table. If you are on Xbox then simply scroll over the stairs icon and scroll up to select prefered material. Then click on the stairs icon. it will be on the right of the crafting table interface.

Creative mood:

Here I will tell you to step by step all process. To open the creative menu press E for pc and X for XBOX.

stairs section:

When you will open this section. You will find every type of stairs for creation in Minecraft. These stairs have the following things.

  • Red sandstone stairs
  • Oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia, and dark wood stairs
  • Cobblestone stairs
  • Sandstone stairs
  • Quartz stairs
  • Purpur stairs

Prefer stairs:

First, click and then drag your prefered stairs in the quick access bar. It will on the bottom of the screen. It will drop the stairs on the bar.

Placing stairs:

Here I will tell you step by step that how to place a stair.

Equip blocks:

First, click on the stairs which are on the quick access bar. They will appear on the screen. If the stair is not in the quick access bar. Then first put them in the access bar. For XBOX you will tap RB to cycle through the quick access menu. Then you will face the block you want to place on the stairs. It will on the middle of the screen when you place it.

Clicking right:

Then you will click right on space on the ground. It will place your stairs. for XBOX you will press the left trigger.

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