How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft:

It is easy to get a smooth stone block in the game. Players use it to create foundations of their bases and homes. This block is very basic. It has no texture or color. If you want to make a tower, city, or any sort of place this stone is a great base. Here I will tell you how to make the smooth stone in Minecraft.

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How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft


Things you need:

Here are the things you need.

  • Furnace
  • cobblestone
  • coal, a charcoal bucket of lava, or any type of fuel.


The first thing we will need for making a block is the furnace. We will need 8 cobblestones from our Minecraft world to make a furnace. When you will collect the cobblestones. Then it is important to add pieces per furnace, it is up to you how many you can create.

The amount of furnace depends on the smooth stones you want you. If you want to make one or two blast furnaces then one furnace is enough. But if you want to make a building, you will need a furnace for every stack of cobblestone you need.

Steps to make a smooth stone:

Here I will tell you through different steps.

  • We will double-smelt the cobblestone in a furnace for making smooth stone. For this, we will right-click the furnace will bring the furnace,s  GUI
  • With the cobblestone fill the top left space after opening GUI.  When you add your fuel this will allow you to smelt into the stone.
  • There is an available space under the block you choose. Here we will put fuel. You can use coal, charcoal a bucket of lava, or any kind of wood as fuel. This fuel will help the furnace to smelt your cobblestone into stone.
  • An arrow in the center of the menu indicates how long the furnace smelting process is taking place.
  • Wait for the arrow to complete.
  • The bar will fill individually for every block placed in the furnace. It will reset when it is completely full. The cobblestone will become stone and it will ready to remove.
  • When you will collect all your stone from the furnace. Now you will put it back in the furnace where first you put cobblestone. Smelt it for a second and it will be converted into smooth stone. There is an available space under it put your fuel.
  • Wait until the arrow fills completely. After a block, you will be able to hover your cursor over it and see that you have made a smooth stone.

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