How To Make Gold Paint

How To Make Gold Paint:

The gold color is a symbol of wealth, glamour, and magic. It is a popular color for painting and crafting. Gold has warm and cool undertones that’s why it is difficult to mix. If you have knowledge of color mixing you can perfectly mix the colors to make the gold color. Here I will tell you how to make gold paint.

How To Make Gold Paint

Making color:

Here I will tell you to step by step process.

Mixing yellow and brown:

First mix the equal part of yellow and brown. Take a tube of brown paint to your hand. It will make it easy for you. Then stir together equal parts of colors. Then I will make the mustard color of gold. Add a drop of red and blue if the colors look beige or bland.

Red and black:

It is time to mix the red, black, brown, and yellow to make the deep gold color. Take a cup and start mixing the warm Maron for gold by mixing black and red. You will use yellow for the light and bright. It will make a shade that is close to gold. You can mix red magenta brown and orange to make the colors equal.

Adjusting the tone:

You can adjust the tone by adding yellow, red. blue and white. If you want to adjust the gold color which you have mixed later. Then choose white to adjust. You will use red for a warm tone and blue for a cooler tone. Yellow will make a balance among colors. You can use white for a lighter tone.

Adding shine:

  • Put few drops of white for shine and bright color of gold.
  • Make it sparkle and metallic shade.
  • It will pronounce the shine more.
  • After adding white, add glitter and pigment for brightness.
  • Purchase a craft pigment it will give more shine to colors.
  • Use a little brush to mix the colors.
  • Use direct light to see the colors properly.
  • You can use glitter to add the shine of colors
  • It is not so much effect but you can use this.
  • You can apply paint and then glitter it for a better look.

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