How To Make Glass In Minecraft

How To Make Glass In Minecraft:

It is one of the first blocks that was introduced in Minecraft. Glass block in Minecraft came in 2009. It is the first transparent glass players use in the game. Also, it is one of those blocks which help to define Minecraft. It was the first uncolored block featured in Minecraft. Also, it got a lot of popularity. After this lot of variants of this block later introduce in-game. Now here I will tell you how to make glass in Minecraft.

How To Make Glass In Minecraft

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Things you need:

There are certain things you will need for this.

  • One furnace
  • sand block
  • furnace fuel of any type

You can find sand blocks easily by exploring the world in a few minutes. Also, find them close to water. We will need no special toot to break the sand block. Furnace and its fuel is important for this process.

Making glass:

Here I will tell step by step to make the glass.


Here is step one which is pretty easy. We will interact with the furnace to open the furnace menu. Here we will find the furnace.


Now in step two, we will put sand on the top of the furnace slot. Also, put any kind of furnace fuel in the bottom slot. You can use different things for furnace fuel like coal, charcoal, or lava buckets. Also, you can use wood as furnace fuel.


Here comes step number three we will see that glass is created. Now we will drag this out of the furnace menu into our inventory.


Here is the step if you want to apply any color to the glass. You can use common dye such as green or red. The first one a crafting table and then place your dye in the middle. In the last surround it with glass blocks.

Use of glass:

There are different use of glass in Minecraft. You can use a block for your windows in the house or any other building. It is important for players who want to see what is happening outside sitting in their house. You can also use glass for crafting some useful items like glass bottles or glass pans.

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