How To Make End Crystal

How To Make End Crystal:

Minecraft is a fun game to play. It is full of many explosives. End crystal is also a crafting explosive. You can find it in end dimensions. When a player enters the end dimension for a fight with the ender dragon. So, it is important for them to take all the end crystals on the top of the towers. These end crystals are used to heal the ender dragon during the fight. When any player takes it out it can not heal himself. End crystal has the same force as charged creeper when they explode. So, they can not harm the player when he deals with it. But they can knock out you in the end pillars if you want to take out them manually. You can destroy them with bow and arrow or snowballs. Here I will tell you how to make End crystal.

How To Make End Crystal:

Respawning to the ender dragon:

End crystals have different uses in the game. Respawning to the ender dragon is also useful for the end crystal. If you put four end crystals on each side of the end portal. Then ender dragon will respawn. This is the only method to respawn the ender dragon.


Crafting of end crystals is available in Minecraft java edition1.9. Then it becomes easy to respawn the ender dragon without any doubt. It also becomes an easy task. You will need seven glass blocks an eye of the ender and teras of ghost to craft the end crystals. These things are difficult to find so having an end crystal is a sign of status for the player.


For those how do not know 2b2t combat. It is a popular anarchy server in Minecraft. Players use an advanced standard sword or traditional PVP method in a fight for an insane server. Players like to use end crystals in-game against each other. You can place the crystal on both bedrock and obsidian highways and block that fill servers.

Entity status:

End crystal is not a block in Minecraft. You can call them sudo- block tile entity. Which can found naturally at the end. They have zero health. But it does not take much time for end Crystal to exploit.


End crystals have an interesting design. You can find it in a floating spherical figure. It has purple color and glass around it.

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