How To MAKE Dye In Ark

How To MAKE Dye In Ark:

Ark is a popular video game. Its first edition was released in 2017 by wildcard studio. They release this game in august of 2017. You can play it on Xbox, PlayStation, and Microsoft window. In this game, players use a mysterious island that has an ocean around them. It is important for players to survive on the island and also defeat hostile people and animals. It is also important to make a base for the player’s protection. They can kill wild animals for our purpose. You will defeat them with firearms and improvised weapons. You will also make shelters and bases. Players also harvest crops and craft for their living. They kill wildlife for their own use. Here I will tell you how to make dye in ark.

How To MAKE Dye In Ark

Colors play important role in this game. They use it to paint structures and other items. You can paint animals and people with war paint. It is essential for a player to cook his own dye by using things in his inventory. They can use water, charcoal, spark coal, and gunpowder.

Things you need:

  • a water skin or jar of water
  • Charcoal, gunpowder, and spark coal
  • berries
  • cooking pot and industrial pot

How to make color:

Water is important to make any type of dye. You will require 1charcoal 1gunpowder and one spark powder. You will need different types of barries for different colors.  When you will find all your mixture you will cook it in your inventory. It will require a cooking pot or industrial pot to cok. It will create five dyes in each batch. When a dye is ready to apply it will highlight in your inventory. It is time to use it. You can remove it by the soap icon.

With water and 2 charcoals:

  • black it will take 15narcoberry
  •  also, blue will take 15azulbeery
  • brown will take 6amarbeery, 3 zaulbeery and 9tinoberry
  •  also, green take 6amarberry and9zaulbeery
  • green take 9amarberrry and 9tinoberry
  • Purple takes 9 Azulberry + 9 Tintoberry
  • Red  takes 9 azulberry + 9 Tintoberry
  • White with 15 Stimberry
  • yellow with 15amarberry

With water and one gunpowder:

  • Forest takes 7 Amarberry + 7 Azulberry + 4 Narcoberry
  •  also, Parchment takes 12 Amarberry + 6 Stimberry
  • Pink takes 12 Tintoberry + 6 Stimberry
  •  also, Royalty takes 7 Azulberry + 7 Tintoberry + 4 Narcoberry
  • Silver takes 6 Narcoberry + 12 Stimberry
  • Sky takes 12 Azulberry + 6 Stimberry
  •  also, Tan takes 4 Amarberry + 1 Azulberry + Tintoberry + 6 Stimberry
  • Tangerine takes 7 Amarberry + 7 Tintoberry + 4 Narcoberry

With water and one spark powder:

  • Brick takes 12 Tintoberry + 6 Narcoberry
  •  also, Cantaloupe takes 7 Amarberry + 7 Tintoberry + 4 Stimberry
  • Cyan takes 6 Amarberry + 12 Azulberry
  • Magenta takes 9 Azulberry + 9 Tintoberry
  • Mud takes 4 Amarberry + 1 Azulberry + 7 Tintoberry
  • Navy takes 12 Azulberry + 6 Narcoberry
  •  also, Olive takes 12 Amarberry + 6 Narcoberry
  • Slate takes 12 Narcoberry + 6 Stimberry

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