How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers

How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers:

It is not difficult to work with crepe paper and make realistic flowers. These flowers are perfect for a gift topper. You can place them in a vase during spring. Here I will tell you how to make crepe paper flowers.

How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Things you need:

These are the things you need for making flowers.

  • crepe paper roll
  • floral wire
  • floral tape
  • scissors
  • cotton ball

Making tulip stamen:

For making tulip stamen First we will cut 1X1 inch of yellow crepe paper. Then a tiny ball of cotton and roll in your fingers. In the middle of the crepe paper square place the cotton. The end of the wire will stick with a cotton ball. Now it is time to stretch the crepe paper over cotton ball and wire. Take floral tape and twist the edges of crepe paper around the wire. Connect the crepe paper and wire with floral tape.

 Cut Tulip petals:

Cut a 4-inch wide stripe of crepe paper for making tulip. Up to 4 inches fold the stripes of the crepe paper. Fold the strip, again and again, itself to be able to cut more than one petal at a time.

Making of tulip petals:

Cut the template of tulip petals on the paper you printed them. Put the folded paper and cut them out. Now cut 3 outer petals and 4 inner petals. Cut the floral petals with the grain of crepe paper running vertically. Use the thumb and forefinger to stretch the crepe paper to make the petal more realistic. Each petal should overlap the other one. Use floral tape to secure the petal with the strip. To create the seamless look put the floral tape all way down to the wire.

Daisy stamen:

Cut a yellow crepe paper with the grain running vertically of 2X6 inches to make the daisy stamen. Fold this paper onto itself. Cut it to the top of 11/2 inches of the folded paper to make fringe. Put the end of floral wire to the edges of the fringe. Wrap them around the wire and secure them with floral tape.

Daisy petals:

Take a crepe paper and cut it to a 24-inch piece. Take their edges of fold in 4 inches. Fold them to meet the other end. Print out the template of daisy and match its bottom with the bottom edge of folded crepe paper. Cut each petal and unfold the paper.

Complete daises:

Line the stamen with edges of petals. Wrap the stamen around the petal. When all petals are wrapped then secure with the floral tape. Give the petal a realistic shape y pulling the crimps near the top of each one. Stamen will visible when you pull down the petals.


You can display the paper flower in a vase together or separately.

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