How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft:

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft: Concrete is a durable material. It is bright in color and vibrant like wood. Also, it is not a flammable material. It gives a fabulous look in Minecraft. It has a different range of colors. You can pick by your choice. Blocks have more hardness than stones. They also have low resistance.

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

Before making the concrete block. There are some things you should know. You can only mine it with a pickaxe. If you do not use a pickaxe. It will not able to make a concrete block. A major element of concrete block is concrete powder. Which also has sand and gravel. It means it also has gravity. It can fall. Here I will tell you how to make concrete in Minecraft.

Things you need:

Here are some things that will need to make a concrete block.

  1. You need four blocks of gravel.
  2. A dye which you can choose.
  3. A source of water.


First, we will find gravel. You can find it on beaches. Also, they are on small water pools. These are in ponds near mountains. They could be underwater. You can find it in cold waters. It is easy to harvest with some tools. If you want to make eight concrete powder blocks. You will require only four gravel blocks.


It is time to found sand. Sand is also important for making concrete. It is also mine in the shovel. You can found them in desert biomass. They are also available near water bodies and beaches. They are near lakes and rivers. We will need four to make concrete.


You can take the color of your choice. You can choose it at the beginning of the craft. There are sixteen options in Minecraft.

  1. Red

  2. orange

  3. yellow

  4. green

  5. lime

  6. cyan

  7. light blue

  8. blue

  9. purple

  10.  magenta

  11. black

  12. brown

  13. pink

  14. light grey

  15. white

  16. grey

You can use these colors by crafting smelting or selling. There are different methods to acquire colors.

Water source:

You can find water sources everywhere. You can also use any type of water except rainwater.

Making concrete:

For making concrete. First, make some concrete powder. Now pick a color of your choice. You can pick in the grafting grid. It is time to fill the row and boxes. Fill them with gravel. Then add sand to make some concrete blocks. Through water, sources connect these concrete blocks.


  • First, open the grafting table.
  • It is time to place the gravel
  • Then place some sand
  • place the dye
  • Now put the concrete powder in inventory.
  • It is time to mine the concrete
  • Give commands to make

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