How To Make Bronze

How To Make Bronze:

Bronze is a metallic alloy that allows the development of weapons. Bronze is an alloy which means it is a mixture of two metals. These two metals are copper and tin. Copper is 90% and tin is 10%. The first alloy which humans start was bronze because it was easy to heat copper and tin in the oven. Copper and tin were available in excess amount. They started making in the early 5th-millennium BCE. It was very useful for the making of weapons. Therefore you can find bronze in old swords, triangular daggers, spear points, and axes. You can also find it on the jewelry of old times. Here I will tell you how to make bronze.

How To Make Bronze

Step 1:

It is the initial step of this process. In this step, we will prepare all three metals to combine. In this process, we will need three metals. These three metals are copper, tin, and zinc. For make, bronze copper is used in excessive amounts but tin and zinc are used in a minor amount.

Step 2:

This step is also an important step. We will call this step as melting step of metals. In this step, we will melt copper. For copper, you will need a medium size oven for melting and also gears which we will use in the process of melting. Otherwise, there are chances of burning in this process. Copper has the highest melting point so we will melt copper first. When copper starts melting then we will add zinc and tin. Then we will cook the alloy for some time.

Step 3:

In this step, we will mold the casting in bronze. It is a tintype of it. For this process, I will choose the classic mold. You can mold it according to yourself. I mold it in a round shape. It is up to you that how you want to mold. Also, I will make two round bars.

Step 4:

This is an important step because we will check the quality of bronze. We will do it right after casting. First, we will brush it and cut it. This is all we are doing before checking the quality. Then we will see that it is clean and solid and there is no spot inside it. Its color will be golden and it is similar to the aluminum type.

Step 5:

This is the final step. Here we will check the hardness of bronze. It is essential to check its hardness. The type of bronze which we made will be pretty soft. It will be about 12.8 to 14.4 HRC. This is your bronze and you can use it now.

Use of bronze:

If it was used to make weapons more than 5,000 years ago. Also, bronze was also used in the manufacture of watches. Not only for its beauty. but also for its stability over time and the fact that it does not deform with temperature.

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