How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft

How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft:

In this Minecraft tutorial, we will see how to create black dye in Minecraft. It will tell you to step by step this process. I will tell different use of black dye and how to apply it. Minecraft has many colors but today we will talk about the only black ones. Black dye is a new edition in the Minecraft game. It is better to use black dye instead of using sacs. It is a better option. You can obtain black dye by trading. Here I will tell you how to make black dye in Minecraft.

How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft


  • java edition
  • bedrock edition
  • education edition
  • Wii u


  • It is used to dye the sheep wool. Which share up to one to three blocks of black wool.
  • You can dye the collar of tamed wolves
  • You can combine it with gunpowder for fireworks
  • It is easy to dye leather armor, wool, glass, beds, and carpets
  • You can use it to add pattern to banners
  • when you combine it with gravel and sand it will make a concrete powder
  • You can make ballons and glow sticks from this dye

How to make:

There are few steps I will tell that how to make black dye in Minecraft

Raw materials:

Adding raw materials is an important step. We will see each other at the crafting table. There is a grid of 3X3 squares. Find a place there. Then put ink sac and white rose in it. Put them in the first square of the crafting table. Also, start it from the right.


When you placed the item in the grid. You will see the black dye on the other side of the crafting table. There, you can easily move it to your inventory.

you now have the black dye. which you can easily use in the game as you desire. Also, You can use it for the aesthetic purposes of the game as well as create something good.

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