How To Make Bed In Minecraft

How To Make Bed In Minecraft:

Every player in Minecraft needs a bed. It is one of those blocks players make early. It is the first point for players to hid from night to morning. Beds are not difficult to make. It requires two different things which the player can find in a few minutes. Beds are important to make as they allow you to skip through the nights when it gets dark. It prevents mobs from spawning at the surface. Here I will tell you how to make the bed in Minecraft.

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How To Make Bed In Minecraft

Things you need:

There are the following things you need.

  •  3 wool
  • crafting table
  • 3 wooden planks

Here I will tell you to step by step


In this step, we will make a chest to cut down woods to gather planks. We need a minimum of 2 logs to make the bed. But you can cut down more in the beginning.


In this process, we will make a crafting table. We will start with converting logs into wooden planks. We will place the logs which we collected into one of the slots of the survival inventory crafting table. When we will convert it to wooden planks then we will make a crafting table. For this process place four wooden planks into the survival crafting menu for filling slot in the square.


Wool is important to make a bed. We need a minimum of 3 wool. You get wool by killing sheep but the best way is you can do this to use a pair of shears. In Minecraft players kill sheep to get the wool and use shear to collect the wool. You can get an infinite amount of wool from one sheep.

We can create shear using two pieces of iron. for this process we will place two iron ingots diagonally from each other in the survival inventory mood.


When finding a sheep right-click the sheep with the shears to collect the sheep wool without hurting the moob itself. You only need 3 wool to make the bed. If there is not enough wool on sheep then wait there until sheep eat some grass. It will grow more wool on the sheep. Sheep eat some grass to regenerate more wool.


Now we will place a crafting table and open it. First, we will place a line of wood in the middle or bottom row of the crafting table. Then put a layer of wool on wood to make a bed.

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