How To Make An Item Frame In Minecraft

How To Make An Item Frame In Minecraft:

It is a simple recipe in Minecraft. You require only leather and sticks to make. These frames help as a chest, hides lights, mark rooms, and also use a trigger to open secret rooms. It also plays as a map wall where you can put your map. Items of the frame are very versatile in Minecraft. You can place them anywhere. Here I will tell you how to make an item frame in Minecraft.

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How To Make An Item Frame In Minecraft

Things you need:

  • Crafting table
  • leather
  • 8 sticks
  • Eight sticks are required to make an item frame. Cut down some woods with a hand or ax. Then turn the logs into planks and planks into sticks.
  • We also need a leather which we can get from cows. We will hunt down some cows until getting the leather to drop.
  • You need a 3×3 crafting menu to craft an item frame.

Making an item frame:

Here I will tell you to step by step to make an item frame.


We will get leather from cows. So, first, find some cows to get leather. You can find them in the grassland. They usually spawn in the daytime. Leather is a very common drop. You will not find any difficulty in getting leather if some cows are spawning nearby.


We will chop down some trees to get sticks. With wood and leather, you can make an item frame. Turn logs into wooden planks and then we can make sticks.

Crafting table:

Now we will go to our crafting table. Put a piece of leather in the middle and sticks it around the leather. It will make an item frame.

Redstone pulse:

Item frame is ready. It is a simple recipe. Which can help you to decorate and sort your house. You can make Redstone pulse with an item frame and Redstone comparator. By this, you can turn items in the frame to turn lights. You can also use active pistons and open doors.

For this place an item frame into a block. Then comparator behind it with two torches facing blocks. Connect it to doors or lamps and then spin item frames.

The comparator will check the state of the item and send the pulse to the item frame to spun.

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