How to Make A Smoker In Minecraft

How to Make A Smoker In Minecraft:

The smoker is used in various things in Minecraft. We use smokers to cook food.  It is easy to make if you have a furnace and some woods. Also, smokers cook twice fast as furnaces. That is why smoker is important in Minecraft. Today I will tell you how to make a smoker in Minecraft. Also, I will tell you to step by step.

How to Make A Smoker In Minecraft

Things you need:

There are some things you need to make a smoker in Minecraft.

  • Crafting table we will use for wood plank.
  • A furnace for eight cobblestones.
  • Also four logs of wood

Making smoker:

There are some steps through which we will make a smoker. Through steps, you will easily understand.

Crafting menu:

For making a smoker we will open our crafting table in Minecraft. You will see a grid in Minecraft.

Adding things:

Then we will add a furnace and four logs of woods to the crafting table. You can use any type of log for wood. Use things you like. Then we will add some items to the grid. For example, we use oak logs We will use them in the first row and. Also, use it in the middle of the box. Then in the second row, we will place one log and one furnace in the second box. After this one oak log in the third box. In the first row, we will place a third oak log in the middle of the box. When you will add you see a smoker appearing in the box.

Moving smoker:

It is time to move smokers in our inventory. When we will craft the smoker. We will drag down it to our inventory. This is the whole process of crafting a  smoker. This is a simple process of few steps.

Smoker command:

There is a process you can give a command to make a smoker. It is available in different game editions. Here are these game editions.

  • Java game edition
  • Pocket game edition
  • Xbox game
  • Nintendo switch game
  • Window ten
  • Education edition game.

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