How To Make A shield In Minecraft

How To Make A shield In Minecraft:

Shields are very important in Minecraft. It gives an advantage to players to block attacks with more purpose. It came on 1.19 update of the game. After this update game takes a drastic turn from rapid clicking to a timed hit game. This update of the game came in 2015. It is very simple to make a shield. The required ingredient is wood to make it. You also need blocks and iron ingots. Furnace and crafting table is important to make a shield in-game. Here I will tell you how to make a shield in Minecraft.

How To Make A shield In Minecraft

Things you need:

These are certain things you need. These things are essential to crafting the shield.

  • A furnace
  • 3 logs
  • 1 iron ore
  • 1 coal

Crafting table:

For making shields, The important thing you need is a crafting table. So, for making a table, we will convert recently acquired logs into wooden planks. We will place logs that we collected on the slot in the survival inventory crafting table. When we convert these logs into a crafting table then we can progress to make a crafting table. We will use a crafting table to make the simplest type of pickaxe. We will use this for collecting cobblestones. Cobblestones are important to make a furnace.


We will use sticks for making it. For this use survival inventory mode crafting table. It will create a stick for you. Put two blocks of wooden planks above each other to make sticks on the crafting table. Put planks in a row on the crafting table foe make a pickaxe. Also, put two sticks under the middle plank. It will create a pickaxe. We will use it to collect cobblestones.

Iron and Coal:

Iron and coal are important for this recipe. So collect them as you can. You can use a stone pickaxe for this. It will make your work easy. You can found iron and coals under caves. Also, they found in stone topped biomass. First, you will find coal and then mine for iron. Iron and coals have generally the same location under coal.

Crafting shield:

For making a crafting shield you will open the crafting area. The area will 3X3 grid. Then place iron ingot in the second cell of the first row. Fill the gird and place wooden planks in the third row. This will complete your shield and then you can move it to inventory.

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