How To Make A Public profile On Snapchat

How To Make A Public profile On Snapchat:

Snapchat is a social media platform that has a tough time in 20202. But the company always wants to stay relevant. That,s what its new addition of features applies that it just works. They have a new feature that is the ability to create a profile. Here I will tell you how to make a public profile on Snapchat.

How To Make A Public profile On Snapchat

Eligibility criteria:

You can create a basic tier public profile on Snapchat. If you are a regular user your account must have a few months old. There is a tier two for a public profile which comes with the analytic and contents of your profile with a minimum of 5000 subs and then applies to a Snapchat profile with a Google program. This program is available on their website.

How to create a public profile:

It’s been a week since Snapchat rolls out its basic profile to everyone. Snapchat released its update in batches across different regions. It will take a few days to show on your profile based on your region. There is another first go public with your current profile to create a tier-one public profile for your Snapchat account. Here I will tell you to step by step.

Going public:

Tap on the icon on the left top corner of your Snapchat. Tap on the; gear; icon on your top right corner. Then go to the; who can…section by scrolling down and make these changes.

  • contact me: everyone.
  • Send me notifications: everyone.
  • See my location: everyone.
  • View my story: everyone.
  • Use my cameo selfies: everyone.
  • See me in quick add: turn it on.

When you make these changes then close Snapchat and open it again.

Create a profile:

Tap on the left top icon of your Snapchat. There will be a new option which is; add to the snap map. You will find it understories or the soptlight&snapmap. It depends on your device and also the version of the app. Besides the options tap on the 3 dot icon. Tap on create a public profile. Tap on the, GET Started. You will find this at the bottom. See a disclaimer about the public profile for the last time. To proceed to the next step tap on create. This page will go back to the setting page and there will be a new section, public profile, with a new, my public profile, under it. Tap this to get started. Edit all the details by tapping on the edit profile. Which includes your public profile.

Now there is a public profile on your Snapchat account.

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