How To Make A Lever In Minecraft

How To Make A Lever In Minecraft:

The lever is the best way to have an on and off-state active for things in-game. You can use them to secure with iron doos and keep mobs out. It is a switch in red stone which keeps the player turning the circuit on and off. You do not need a crafting bench for this process. With a lever, you can control the power source, lights and can lock something up. Here I will tell you how to make a lever in Minecraft.

How To Make A Lever In Minecraft

Making sticks:

Cobblestone is important to make a lever and also sticks. The first thing you need is a wooden stick. You can make stick by crafting planks then place 2 planks on the crafting table. Put one in the center and the other in the center bottom position.


Put the cobblestone in the crafting grid. Place the cobblestone in the center bottom position. Leave a place above stick for cobblestone. Remember this put stick and cobblestone in one column in the crafting grid.

Placing stick:

It is time to place the stick on the crafting table. Take it to the top of the cobblestone. Then it will make automatically. There is nothing you have to do.

Lever into inventory:

Put the lever in the inventory. It will know to show you in the completed item box. You can take it by clicking right or left and can place it into inventory. It is only two items so you do not need of crafting table. You can make it on inventory.

Using lever:

Here I will tell you step by step how to use a lever.

PlacingĀ  to the ground:

Put the lever on the ground, wall, or ceiling. Then right-click on the lever in inventory to place the lever. Place it next to the red stone. We will use the lever to control the current of the red stone. You can place the lever on the wall ground or ceiling. But can not place it on snow, ice, and flowstone. You can adjust the orientation of on and off according to yourself.


You can activate the lever by right click on the use item box. This will activate and make it useful in its current position. It is easy to deactivate it by right-clicking.

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