How To Make A fursuit

How To Make A fursuit:

A fursuit is an animal costume that you can use in different ways. People associate it with the furry community of animals. Charitable causes and sports mascots are major events where people use them. The head is the most complicated and difficult part of the suit. But the head is important to portray any character. It takes a long time to make your fursuit. Here I will tell you how to make a fursuit.

How To Make A fursuit

Creating the head:

Here I will tell you step by step that how can you make the base of your head from the initial.


First thing is that wrap foam around your head. Then cut away any excess. Wrap loosely around your head. The foam should be 1 inch thick so that you can cut it easily. Also, chose the wide foam so that it could not catch your head while on and off. Also, mark the area where your head meets with foam. When you will cut the excessive foam it will meet around your head like the tube.

Meet the edges:

First, take the hot glue gun and join the edges. Make a tube to glue the sides of the foam and join them together. Then give some time to glue to cool and it becomes straight. Hold the edges to stick them firmly. Now you have a tall tube for the size of your head and a little bit of excess from the head.

Top of the head:

Fold the top of the head first. Fold around the head to nipping of the excess. Grab the front and back top parts of the head and glue them. Again fold the right and left sides and cut any excess. Make your head smooth and cut away any excess. Do not give your head top a bumpy look.


Here I will tell you to step by step that how we will make features.


The first thing we will draw will eyes. We will make some holes in front of the foam. At the front of the tube we will where the seam is. Also, turn this towards you and draw eyes on either side of the seam. Then, use fine scissors or can also razor knife to cut the eyes out a little smaller than your outline. It will not bother you that these are not perfect. Later on, you can always cut the eyes a bit larger.


Make a layer on the top of the base of foams to make eyebrows. Make them rigid and they will bulk up the face. Take a measurement of how large you want your eyebrow ridges to be above the eye holes and draw the shape into another piece of foam. Then it is time to cut it out and attach it to the eyebrow ridge area.  Rigid them above the eyes with hot glue. Add two or more layers of increasingly smaller size foam to create a rounded brow. Take long a piece of foam to make eyebrows. Cut them into pieces and stick them with glue.


Make eras by cutting the foam in a conical shape. Then use glue to attach them with the head. Most animals have ears in conical shape rather than in flat shape. First, take the foam and cut it in conical shape by using a triangle and then stick them with glue.  Also, make small holes in-ears for ventilation.

Forming a muzzle:

Take a look at the animal photo you want to make the muzzle. So you can determine its shape. Different animals have different types of muzzles. Made muzzle by folding a medium-size piece of foam attaches it with face foam with glue. Here your fursuit is ready.

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